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Exclusive Services

In House Laboratory

Ultrasound and digital X-ray

Full Equipped surgical 


Ultrasonic dental descaling equipment and digital dental x-ray allowing us to give your animals the best in dental care. we have a wide range of oral hygiene products available



Blood Biochemistry ,Urinalysis ,Hematology, Fungal Culture & Faecal Exams



Our modern, well equipped theatres (including gaseous anesthetics) cater for all small animals. Specialist equipment enables complex orthopedic, soft tissue and dental surgery to be performed

Modern anesthetic equipment has greatly reduced the risk involved in general anaesthesia.


basic grooming

Basic grooming covers services like ear plucking, paw pad shaving, and nail cutting that will keep your doggo's physical health in check. Every time you groom your dog, the health of its skin, coat, mouth, ears, and paws are in the spotlight.

Let's Work Together

We aim to ensure that each animal under our care achieves its maximum life span whilst remaining in the best of health without suffering or experiencing pain throughout that time. We believe that the quality of an animal’s life is the utmost important in ensuring their happiness throughout all stages of life.

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